What is Social Culture

Today, social culture is defined as “trending” or how we interact with people, businesses and brands on social media. We live in world of influencers, aesthetics, and unlimited possibilities.

Here is how it works:

Step 1: Let’s talk. Real talk.
FREE 45 minute consultation.
A general consultation that takes about 45 minutes to assess where you are at, what your needs are, and how we can work together to help achieve your goals.

Step 2: Strategize.
30 minutes
A project pitch proposal that will go over a timeline, a workflow, and start to build your plan.

Step 3: Official Stuff.
1 hour.
It’s time to sign contracts and get the ball moving.

Step 4: Time to get going!
You don’t have to do anything, except “approve”
Let the work begin! Start seeing results and finished products!

Step 5: Sit back, and relax.
Your designated weekly meeting. Keep it, cancel it, or reschedule it.
Let us do all of the work as you approve weekly content, and help strategize new content. All I need is 1 hour of your time.

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