Shorty Shorts


By definition shorts are pants that are cut above or at the knee. So, sorry to all of you rappers or urban cool kids who are sporting those shorts. But then we see the hipsters and the fashionistos, they are rockin the short short. You know, they borderline look like women’s shorts, and usually are shorter than boxers. Some are even shorter than boxer briefs. The 60’s was the last decade of the high waisted short. In the 70’s it was okay for pro athletes to wear spandex short shorts that literally caused wardrobe malfunctions, while street wear introduced the low rise. By the 80’s those shorts just got shorter in length and in the rise. In the 90’s shorts looked like ballooning capris, and in the early 2000’s the return of classic shorts from the 50’s came. But now we are in the 2010’s and we are looking at shorts in a new light. Shorts have become the gay man’s best friend. They are flattering, and with the expansion of fashion we can now buy any cut, with any rise in any print. So now? Shorty shorts are coming everywhere, and some are getting harsh criticisms. Is it effeminate to wear short shorts? 

Today's short shorts, Bottega and Venetta.

1960's-1970's collegiate basketball uniforms