The Man


Commentary by Ceasar Perez

While doing some reading I stumbled across an article that stated that the clothes a man wears does not make a man, and instantly I disagreed with the statement. The next day while getting dressed for LA Fashion Week I kept thinking to myself, why does she say that the clothes do not make the man. The first thing that you look at on a man is their clothes isn’t it? How will one determine the type of man he is without any clothes on? Without clothes, style, fashion men cannot be perceived as something or someone. How can one spot a hipster, greaser, biker, skater, professional or even a fashionista without certain articles of clothing?

So as I am about done getting ready to start my night, I still think to myself that the clothes does make the man BUT the article never said anything about accessories. Now the accessories that a man chooses to wear are what make the outfit, there I can agree with many fashion bloggers/editors. The generation of men throughout time has changed drastically and their sense of style with that. The way men dress and accessorize their outfits tends to create new trends and a new sense of lifestyle. The way you dress, what you eat, the music you listen to and sometimes-even religion becomes involved. 


The clothes that a man wears on his back do make the man and the accessory the man decides to wear makes the outfit in my eye. One can tweak fashion here and there and create something bold and amazing. Fashion rules are set in stone, they are meant to be broke. Especially with men, I encourage men to come out of their bubble and tweak their outfits a bit, become creative with what you wear and see how many heads you will turn. Fashion is about being comfortable in what you wear and encouraging others to do the same. One does not have to jump into a certain style of trend right away; you can ease your way into one at your own pace. Fashion will be around forever, but be careful because trends will fade away.