A majority of men do not realize the importance between body types and certain denim cuts. Not all body types can pull off all denim cuts, yes we are all men and most of us think alike, but our body types are not all the same. We need to accommodate ourselves to attire that will benefit us and not make us lose points, especially while we are out on that first date. I do understand that there are certain styles of dressing that require you to wear skinny jeans, or oversized jeans but lets keep these tips in mind as well while we are putting our, as #IG users would hashtag it., #OOTD together. One can always work around an article of clothing and still make it work to perceive the style they were trying to portray. There are not many rules in fashion, but some suggestions should be taken into consideration once in a while, wouldn’t you agree?  As I was browsing through fashion blogs I came across Emily Winters blog, and I could not agree more with her “The Denim Dictionary” article. It’s as if she took the words right out of my mouth, 

according to Emily Winter.



Congratulations, you are the only boys who get my blessing to wear skinny jeans—those teeny tiny pipes of denim that haven’t yet faded from fashion, even though everyone thought they wouldn’t be around longer than your last relationship. If you’re not feeling the “no boxers allowed” rules that inevitably accompanies skinny jeans, try “slim” or “boot cut” jeans. A “slim” cut (not to be confused with any other style of jeans also called “slim,” which simply means the legs are long compared to the waist and butt size) pair of jeans are very much like skinny jeans. They’re tapered all the way from the waist to the ankle, but not as much as skinny jeans. In short, you can wear boxers with slim jeans, but you’ll have to stuff them in when you put on the pants. Steer clear of “relaxed fit” pants—they’re simple too baggy for your boney ManStems. Putting on a pair will make you look like a 10-year-old who’s snuck into his dad’s trousers.


Oh cheer up, ManCandy. There’s nothing wrong with the appreciation of fine baked goods, as long as it doesn’t reveal itself in the form of a muffin top. You appetite-gifted guys want to stay away from low-rise and skinny jeans. Low-rise jeans will leave your Torso Flab available for poking, and that middle bubble simple won’t look good, no matter how flattering your shirt. Similarly, skinny jeans (even high-waisted ones) only highlight the vast difference between your waistline and ankles. A wider-legged jeans’ end will make you look more evened out and will draw attention away from your bulge. “Relaxed fit” jeans, as you probably already know, are the baggiest throughout, and draw zero attention to your bottom half. If that’s your goal, check out Banana Republic’s safe and reliable version of relaxed fit. But just because you packed on a few well-deserved pounds in college doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable. Try a pair of True Religion “Joey” cut jeans for a safe percent of zing. These jeans have a generous idea of the “boot cut” flare, meaning your jeans will fit you slightly snug through the thigh and knee, but will be wider (than most other boot cut jeans) in the shins and ankle to keep your silhouette proportional. Boot cuts should be chosen over straight leg for a trendy, flattering look.





Though I recommend skinny jeans only for the appetite-challenged, if you must wear them (where’s your band playing tonight?), try skinny jeans by the brand Altamont. Their higher-waisted pants mean your average-sized ManBelly won’t get squeezed out of the top to make you look heavier than you are. Lucky for you, I recommend any and all other slim cut, straight cut, boot cut (slight flare) or relaxed fit, though relaxed is the least fashion-forward of the bunch. If it were up to me, I’d put you in a pair with just a little flare. At trendy shops like Diesel, a regular or “classic” fit pair of jeans will have only a small flare, whereas at less trendy, more traditional stores like American Eagle, even a “straight leg” pair of jeans will probably have ample flare (since “skinny jeans” and “tapered” just aren’t in their vocabulary).


A high-waisted pair of pants is one way to make your ManStems look longer. Lucky for you, the trendy brand Mavi sits fairly high on the waist without giving that really lame’90s suburban dad vibe. Also, any jeans that are slightly tighter in the knee and flare out, like exaggerated boot cut jeans such as the True Religion “Joey” jeans, will make you look taller, too.


Mile-long ManStems aren’t a problem unless they’re causing major flooding in the ankle-region. Ben Sherman slim-legged jeans seem to go on forever and may provide those extra inches you need throughout the leg. TopMan brags that its skinny jeans are cut long, but I suppose us states-bound fashionistas will have to wait until their flagship store hits New York in the fall.

Big Butt

The blogs agree 7 For All Mankind does wonders for oversized ManCheeks. If you’re a skinnier dude with an ample bottom, I especially recommend 7’s Dylan cut to show off your thinner areas while having storage space for your... you know what. Also make sure that your pants have back pockets to distract us princesses from the vastness of your HotCakes, and avoid high pants that will just elongate an already-big area.

Small Butt

Avoid low back pockets. If you’re itty bitty bottom actually ends before the pocket begin, it will create an awkward bulge that draws attention to your mini muffins.