In this spread we have model Juan Hildalgo with a variety of swimwear, whether you are lounging around getting your tan on, or out at sea there is a variety of swimwear you can take into consideration. Many men will ask themselves how short is too short? In Europe the speedo seems to be the swimsuit of choice, but in America speedos are usually reserved to athletes. With the increased interest of fashion for men, the general public seems to be adapting to European cuts and showing a lot more leg. So lets talk about swimwear. Get this clear! Male readers: you should only wear swimwear attire when water is involved! This means, do not wear it to the club, do not wear it around town and definitely don’t wear it on a date. Trunks should not be worn as casual wear, and board shorts are pushing it.

Now if you’re at a BBQ around family or friends and you are going for a dip in the pool, trunks are acceptable for swimming. And, if you aren’t going to swim board shorts seem appropriate. Men should consider the fine line of respect, and depending on culture background and values will determine how they feel about the option  to wear a speedo. So, around a close intimate environment where spouses and children are involved, board shorts would seem to be the perfect swimwear attire. If you are going to spend a day at a beach or on a boat then pull out the trunks, speedos, and short shorts.

In order to determine what type of swimsuit is appropriate for you to wear you have to take into consideration body physique, proportion and grooming. These three things are really important this summer season. Not everyone has a body builder physique like the ads, but that doesn’t mean you can't wear a speedo. For those who might not have that rippling six pack, find a high waisted swimwear. If you are trying to hide your legs, board shorts create a square silhouette, from the waist to the knee. Shorter swimwear can be balanced with oversized tanks, and basic swimwear can look high fashion by adding a cool print hat or straw fedora. Another thing to remember is proportion. The proportion of skin showing should be revealing but not trashy, and should always have a sensual classy undertone. The proportion or length of the swimsuit should flatter your body. Get the most out of your swimsuit. Finally, grooming is really important during the summer seasons. Don’t be afraid to go get your back waxed, or trim down your legs and stomach. If you are going to take on a speedo this Summer, manscaping is crucial. Hair should not be exploding from your apparel. This isn’t 1970, and the ushering in of the metrosexual has allowed men to confidently care about their grooming. 

Most importantly this Summer, be comfortable in your own skin and enjoy your Summer. They say you are your worst critic, which may be true, so go out and be comfortable with who you are and what you are wearing. Summer is here! So, take a long weekend and soak up the sun. Go out on adventures and discover new places. A great thing about beach communities is their culture of food, shopping and nightlife. Finally, this Summer keep SOCIAL CULTURE as your Men’s Lifestyle Guide to Summer.