Casual Chic, it’s a way of life. It’s an idea brought on by the idea that life and go seamlessly hand in hand. For some, casual chic is easy but for a lot of men it has been a difficult transition. Stuck on past trends like skinnies or the 90’s basketball gym look, most men are having a hard time transitioning into this new age of male sophisticated fashion. 

Lets break down four runway trends into everyday life. The first is monochromatic color blocking. This idea takes one color in different hues and layering them. On the runway we saw them in bright colors, if you are shy to bright green go to olive, or a darker green. Texture is something most men don't really consider when putting their morning ensembles together. Have to run to the office on a Sunday? Grab a silk suit pant, a jersey hoodie and your briefcase and you are ready to go on your Sunday errands. If you are more daring, go for bold color blocking. If you are afraid to put more than 3 colors together, then just go for two. Two standout colors can go a long way. It brings an element of fun to your outfit. Prints. Most men stay to the classic prints: pinstripes, plaid, check, gingham and the occasional polkadot. Challenge your prints by adding abstract prints to your closet, even if they are black and white. Paired with a texture (velvet) blazer and jeans, casual chic becomes easy. Keep these ideas in mind when getting dressed in the morning and make casual chic your new lifestyle.