Fall Men's Trend

 Staying fashionable is not hard when it comes to men. It is quite simple according to our editor, Ceasar Perez. This fall add the classic high top boot that goes great with all of the fall trends. Whether it is the combat boot, or the riding boot, boots give the modern man a more rugged but trend look. We have seen the metrosexual look dominate the world of men’s fashion for some time now, but this season men’s fashion is going back to masculinity.

The men's watch that not only shows a sense of style but can express masculinity without being overbearing. Watches have now become replaced by cell phones and smart devices. This has made the functionality of watches irrelevant and allowing the focus to become that of fashion. Once again, Fashion trumps function.

When dressing (formal/casual) men have the chance to express their style by the type and style of tie you wear. All the accessories that men have to choose from can complete an excellent fall outfit at an affordable price, but a piece of clothing is not always an accessory to a mans outfit. Technology plays a big part in fashion. Men have to stay up to date with the latest technology like Apple’s new IOS5/ iPhone 4S that was just released October, 2011 and the ipad 2 released the same year. Technology a man’s best friend, right next to a good pair of shoes. (Hah)

Photographed by Alexandra Rose, Styled by Ceasar Perez, Model: Robert Pignone