Come Back Cufflinks

Ceasar Perez, Men's Editor

MEN have many items for different occasions that they use to put an outfit together. A man’s jewelry can vary, but will usually consist of anything from a wedding ring, watch, a tie clip and a few pairs of cufflinks. Very few men with an eye for detail will coordinate their pair of cufflinks with their watch, wedding ring, tie, shirt suspenders, suit and even their socks. One rule that men should keep in mind while thinking about wearing cufflinks is that they should only be worn with a shirt that is double cuffed, also known as a French cuff shirt. Fun fact: the French refer to these as musketeer cuffs.  The shirt may also be either double cuffed with button holes, but no buttons or single cuff with buttons, but NEVER use cufflinks on a shirt that is both, because then it will look silly and is against shirt etiquette.

The older generation of business men believe that men should not wear cufflinks if they are men are under the age of 30. Many believe that one should not judge what others should wear by their age but should be worn because you enjoy wearing them as a part of self expression. The shirt and cufflink etiquette that I mentioned previously refers to men only wearing cufflinks as a combination with a suit, not combined with jeans or jackets. The younger generation in the nightlife crowd including young professionals wear double cuff shirts paired with jeans. The problem is younger generation might not be able to afford exclusive creative brands: Lanvin, Bulgari and Tiffany & CO. As an approach find a simple pair of sterling silver cufflinks. Trendier cufflinks are made from a variety of metals, different plating, gems, stones and a plethora other materials.

Why would or should someone wear cufflinks? According to Lance Miller, “It is mostly a matter of culture and interest. More than three centuries ago, the elite in supposedly the United Kingdom started wearing them as a form of luxurious decoration. Up until today some cufflinks are handcrafted from materials such as gold and gems such as turquoise that cost you a fortune. In general, the wealthier man or those with senior positions in companies wear cufflinks. Someone with a job in construction would find double cuffed shirts to be very unhandy during work times since the tip of the cuff moves away from the wrist and the cufflink might get stuck in some automotive part. A double cuff shirt is perceived as more elegant, it’s not a worker’s shirt. Shirts to wear with a smoking are double cuff, bankers in London and Hong Kong’s financial district prefer to wear double cuff shirts. Double cuff shirts with fancy, yet subtle cufflinks somewhat claim authority and are perceived as sexy by many women. Italy and the United Kingdom are still regarded as the most influential countries in the men?s formal wear fashion industry. Strangely however, only the English have kept their cufflinks through the centuries. Italians are rarely spotted with cufflinks. London is definitely the Mecca for all cufflinks aficionados. Although in certain social circuits in Milan, Rome, Florence and Naples, many men do buy cufflinks from their boutique store around the corner. In the United States of America you will find an occasional American CEO wearing cufflinks and some well-dressed playboys in nightclubs.” (


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