Men's Trend


Thursday night in Riverside was supposed to be a great night full of cocktails, runway shows, and mingling. Sitting around at the show, it dawned on the editorial team at Social Culture, that everyone in the audience was extremely young. We are talking about not even old enough to buy a drink, yet alone have any clue what is going on. One young man even mentioned he was a stylist, when asking his age we found out he is only 19. The fashion crowd is becoming younger and cooler. Whether it is the influence of the Williamsburg hipsters, or the Fame Monster herself men are coming to fashion at a younger age. Sure men have always dominated the design and photography fields, but now they are starting to dominate the fashion scene. 



Men are going all out for the world of fashion. They are showing up in extravagant couture and are pushing the boundaries of what is deemed as masculine and feminine. We noted during LA fashion week that men were showing up in menswear and heels, but not just any heels. We are talking about Monolos, Jimmy Choos, and Louboutins. Men are taking on more androgynous roles and are becoming key fashion players. Look at Bryan Boy, Jay Strut and fashion’s newest obsession the young Brant Brothers.

Photo from Tumbler, no credit.

Photo spread from Vanity Fair.

Photo from Vanity Fair.