The Jacket

By Ceasar Perez


Gradually, as the month of September comes to an end the seasons itself change also! One would expect for the trends and fashion to gradually change as well throughout the months as they go by leaving us with bland memories of previous trends we followed. Well Social Culture knows exactly how you all feel and we feel the same! We believe that as the year passes and old trends are thrown out, bad habits should as well!


In this article we have model Jared Briseno helping us end the month of September and introduce us into the month of October! We introduced him into a black oversized trench/pea coat! The coat is magnificent itself. It is a suede material with a large blue plaid print. This goes back to the blues that we have been seeing in the runway shows. The amount of blue doesn’t really matter as long as the blue is somehow involved. Whether it is blue lining, blue jeans, a blue tie or even a black belt with blue stitching, it will all do as long as one gets the concepts of using a trend color for that particular season. 


Our job as men is not only to keep on top of fashion and trends, but we always have to keep in mind that male accessories play a huge role in men’s wear as well. One must always wear a belt. That is why pants have belt loops. Style your belt differently, whether it is relaxed and loose fitting, or if you just put it through one loop and let the rest hang. A good belt also goes a long way. Jared is wearing a belt in this shoot but it is not necessarily used for function versus style, it is just hanging off his waist adding a sense of depth towards the coat and changing his waistline. 


Not only do we have to think about accessories to go along with our outfits, but we also have to keep an eye open for new and upcoming hairstyles. Keep an eye open as we publish an article to help you all out with new and upcoming hairstyles for men to go along with your sense of style! So, here to defining a new generation, another successful September issue brought to you by Social Culture and a big thanks to our model Jared as he helped us at the end this month with a bang and conquered another successful photo shoot. 


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