Back to School


CEASAR PEREZ, SOCIAL CULTURE'S MEN'S TREND EDITOR styles model Ervin in his back to school spread.


It’s that time of year again: back to school. This of course would mean the newest fashion trends for your back to school/ fall wardrobe... The great thing about back to school season, is that the September Issues are published and can easily become your guides to fashion. Over the summer when we have time to care about fashion and the hustle of school life isn’t pressing, we have the chance to grow and it is a great chance to evolve one’s personal style. The best transition is from high school to college. So how should one mature their fashion sense? 


This season we are seeing a lot of blues, golds and denims. In our back to school men’s editorial spread we have our model Ervin wearing a three different shaded, hombre knit cotton turtle neck along with a great pair of denim jeans and boots.  When he walks down the hall Ervin looks very pleasant but stylish and up to date with the latest trends at an affordable price. (H&M $10.00)One can conveniently find these in any popular apparel store. In the next spread Ervin is styled in a pair of denim blue jeans, along with a white button up and a royal blue blazer giving a casual put refined look. Blue jackets, blazers and coats have been taking the runway in Cavalli, Armani and Versace. Not only is blue flattering to any guy, but it gives a sense of masculinity and style. Take advantage of monochromatic color blocking and jump into this fall season. You can see this in our business prep look where our model is wearing a bright blue button up from Express ($60.00), a navy blue silk blazer (Zara $180.00), and a sophisticated print tie from the thrift store ($4.00). 

This brings us back to saying goodbye to summer and hello to the holiday season. Leaving summer behind is leaving bad habits we picked up and fall is another chance for us to get us back on track. We can work out our bodies to stay fit and healthy and avoid gaining the freshman fifteen, or that unwanted holiday weight. Getting into the habit of working out a few times a week not only keeps you fit, but you can avoid that unwanted working twice as hard come January. For men it is important to keep in shape so we can fit the clothing that is being presented this fall. This fall the cuts of shirts, pants and jackets are more tailored and construction of a garment becomes key. Find a shirt that fits in the arms and neck and get the shirt tailored so you can have that crisp clean fall fashion look.