Summer Splash


Summer time is here, and this summer all eyes are on the 2012 London Olympics. As families gather round their HD TVs and root for their favorite athletes it unites everyone in the world at one time. We may be rooting for different athletes in different countries, but world wide all eyes are on these athletes’ biggest dream. How great is it to know that these athletes have worked their entire lives to go the the biggest competition in the world, and we get to celebrate and support them? Now the question is: How come the world only will watch an athlete achieve their dreams, and not an artist? I don’t think billions of people would watch a painter paint for endless hours, I doubt that billions of people will go to their showing? One can argue that there isn’t the platform for a worldwide competition in art, and that art lives forever in museums and an athlete’s career is over in a second. This is a valid argument, but how can we support others dreams and ambitions? 


This summer is full of potential, with the olympic spirit changing the world it is a good time for our generation to move. Be inspired by the commercials on TV, and become inspired by these athletes who have worked their entire lives for this one moment. Go out and change the world. 



We actually got to meet Christian, our model, at a Starbucks. After falling in love with his eyebrows and a test shoot later, he came to the SOCIAL CULTURE studios for the SUMMER 2012 shoot. Little did he know that we would be throwing cold water at him, and asking him to model at the same time. Alexandra Rose's speedy eye, and artistic vision was able to capture these moments.