Most men go through the same routine on a daily basis. We usually wake up and shower and then look into our closets and ask ourselves:  what to wear today?. If you don’t have to wear a uniform to work then you are really faced with that question. For those who work in offices they go their classic suit, shirt and tie and for those who work in the fashion industry they drip themselves in trendy cuts and prints. The list goes on, but then on days we don’t work, on days we don’t have a standard wardrobe, or guidelines to dress by most men are a bit lost. For most men their wardrobes outside of work consist of jeans and t-shirts, some might have polos and V-necks but for the most part, they are left with what they grew up with. 


From high school most men’s style don’t change. It seems that men have a harder time growing up when it comes to fashion than women. Women are presented with magazines, celebrities, award season and rack after rack, store after store full of clothes. For men it is a lot different. The options out there aren’t very unique, and those that are unique might not fit one’s personal style. Well, fashion is changing and so is men’s fashion. This summer we are dazzled by the the new cotton candy pastel color family, bold bright colors for men and those classic summer whites. So, if you can’t find trend colors to buy, here is a great website for the metropolitan man, or for those who are metropolitan at heart. 


If you don’t know what to buy this Summer season, grab the classics:


A set of fitted polos (a black one to go out in, a navy blue one for the nautical trend, a white on for Sunday brunch, and a trend colored one that compliments your eyes)


A new white button up (You can never have enough white button ups, and if you have stains on your other shirts, throw them out. You are doing everyone a favor.)


A pack of white V neck shirts (They look good under a blazer, with jeans and bermudas. You can dress it up, dress it down and most of all crew cut shirts are going out and V necks are in.)


A new set of light colored denim. (If you aren’t into skinny jeans or slim cut, find a pair of jeans that actually fit, if the waist is perfect but the inseam is too long pay the extra $8.00 to get them hemmed at a local tailor)


Shoes: grab a pair of oxfords, a pair of loafers, a pair of boating shoes, and sneakers. (It seems that women are obsessed with shoes, and a few of those men who are obsessed with sneakers, but the majority of the shoe world is left to women. Men, a great pair of shoes goes a long way.)


Find a good swimsuit this season, whether they are board shorts, trunks, classic trunks, boy cut, speedos, whatever... the list goes on. Find one that fits your personality, that are comfortable and inexpensive. (Sometimes, a lot of the times, men lose their swimsuits... on purpose or on accident... If they get left behind, who cares? They were cheap)


Shorts. Now the trend for shorts is short shorts, but we aren’t telling you to go rock some daisy dukes, we are just saying find shorts that are cut 2-3 inches above the knee. Find them in different colors, different prints, different cuts. Shorts hemmed at the right length can make you look taller, stronger and can be extremely comfortable in the heat and humidity. Don’t rule shorter shorts out until you try them.