So you missed Long Beach Pride? Don’t worry, WEHO Pride is coming June 6-8 with some of the biggest names to headline events. From icons like Deborah Cox headlining the Latino stage, to Demi Lovato being the grand Marshall, everyone who is anyone will be celebrating at WEHO Pride. Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson and current pop icon Azealia Banks will be headlining on Saturday, and the list of pop artists keeps piling up.


  1. Moisturize and Protect... Yup. Moisturizing will help your skin this summer season. This doesn’t mean just in the mornings after your shower. And when we say protect, we mean protect your skin. Make sure you are wearing sunblock and are applying it accordingly. Most sunscreens recommend every 3-6 hours. So, if you are going to be out and about for the entire day, be sure to bring sunblock. 
  2. Shoes. As cute as loafers are, and as horrific as Crocs come, shoes really do matter. In terms of style, most everyone is packing up their boating shoes, or their loafers. Unfortunately, they aren’t the most practical. Someone is bound to spill something on you, or by the end of the day you will be asking someone to carry you to the car. So, we recommend to buy cute running shoes. The plus side to this? You have new gym shoes.
  3. Technology. If you are one of those guys who lives on their phones, (this could be IG, GRINDR, or FACEBOOK) it is important that you are fully charged. Portable cell phone chargers that are ran off batteries are becoming super cheap, and easy to carry. You can buy a keychain charger on Amazon for 7.99. Keeping your cell phone on hand is great if you meet a guy and want to trade numbers, or you are lost and need to find your friends.