Rock Out LA

Okay, we get that all gay men love fashion, and it was great that Out Magazine and Lexus teamed up to kick off LA Fashion Week, but unfortunately things fell a little short. While being hosted at Siren Studios and presenting Macy’s menswear, by Skyy and Midori, it seemed that the fashion crowd might have been in the lack. The clothes were already in stores, so there wasn’t any great ideas, nor was the event avant garde. When fashion week should be pushing the boundaries of fashion, setting trends and inspiring fashionistas, the show itself was almost behind the LA crowd. LA fashionistas care about drama, they care about aesthetic, but the crowd seemed happy as the liquor was flowing, and the men were handsome, short, but handsome. As OUT kicks off LA Fashion and LA Style week, we look forward to the designers' shows to come. This season LA shows were sparse, and when planning, it was difficult, and it seems that there is a lack of funding and space for the shows, we wonder if LA Fashion week will disolve again, and then reinvent itself?