A Retrospective Look Inside

eason after season I see people post on their social media about fashion week. Fashion week in Milan, Paris, New York, LA, but what exactly does fashion week mean for them? For some it means they are walking the runways, for others it may be doing hair and make up, editors sit front, and some go just for the purpose of being seen; socialite. But, for those who are spectators, are really knowledgeable about upcoming trends and fashion? What does it take to be in the fashion world? More importantly, why does everyone want to go?

I see colleagues posting reviews of fashion week and what they think is beautiful and relative to the season, but I believe that is their own personal opinion. Who is anyone to tell us what is in and what isn’t? What one should wear and put together and what doesn’t go together? They are not Anna Wintour, so why do they even come close to thinking they have the right to tell us color blocking is out and we have to color block prints (example not a real point of view). I even question myself as an editor.

SO, what does fashion week REALLY mean? Does it mean putting on your faux fur coat and all the jewelry you own and strut your stuff at the venues, because that’s something I often see. I RARELY ever-meet people that are actually interested in the runway show. Unless you happen to be a serious Editor, you really are there just say you were there, walk the red carpet, your 15 minutes of fashion week fame. Many just want to dress up, show up and be around beautiful people. They get their cocktails and linger around, making it impossible for people that care about fashion. As editors are interested in the lines that designers worked hard to produce, because we want to help them get to the next step. Get their work into magazines so buyers and consumers take notice.

So, why cant these spectators just dress up and go to an upscale bar, why linger around the fashion community? All so they can say, “I am part of the fashion community, I attend all these parties and live a fabulous life.” My favorite line that I have heard someone say is “ I just go for the free stuff (goodie bags)” Yea, well why are you causing chaos for your free sample sized product, I am trying to make my way to the front of the press pit to review a designers collection. 

We as individuals piece together what we think is fashionable, and we decide that it is self expression. And yes, there is a difference between fashion and self expression. This is where fashion week comes into play:

In fashion, the powers that are dictate everything. Without the voices of Anna Wintour and Nina Garcia, there wouldn’t even be buyers, or sales reps, maybe some bloggers, but they have created and exposed the entire fashion world, and in some way have made fashion more accessible. Recently, with social media, bloggers and such have created a world of fashionistas. Without the fashionistas and trendsetters, designers would not be moving products. 

Yes, we do have our big labels such as Versace, Hermes, Prada, and LV who’s names alone move the label. They have worked their way up into the fashion world and have created an image for them. They have a story to tell but other designers such as Michael Costello are just getting started with theirs. Michael Costello and Rik Villa would be nothing without their personal community, aside from the fact that Costello just dressed Beyonce at the Grammy’s. These amazing designers who are moving their way up with their artistic eye, and their own point of view in fashion just like Versace and Burberry. They have a specific audience they want to dress, and that community supports them. But it seems, that even community support isn’t enough for the world of fashion.

Runway shows are a chance for designers to gain exposure from the press aka Editors. They are there to pick out pieces that are wearable, affordable, luxurious, and get them into editorial spreads in publications. We work with teams of buyers to make sure the product is in stores by the time we publish. Timing is everything, and we work so hard to make sure we can help further someone’s career. It’s hard to do your job when spectators are trying to sit front row just to take selfies. So, if someone in fashion snaps at you that you are in their way, they might be trying to do their job.

The majority of people often think that everyone in the fashion industry is cruel, but I beg to differ. Personally, I have met some amazing editors, designers, journalists and photographers. All sweet and big hearted with their best intentions on helping one another progress and grow in the fashion industry. Yes, there are those that are cruel and brutal, but where does that really get them? Documentaries might make people in the fashion industry look cruel such as Anna Wintour or Donatella Versace, but has anyone ever thought that they might be miserable, or just doing their job expecting the best from others around them? 

People that seem this cruel might not like their life in fashion anymore. Being in fashion will consume your life completely. It takes away everything because fashion never slows down, it only looks forward. I think people lash out in fashion because they are so consumed, and they expect everyone new to fashion to already know everything they do. They forget that maybe some time ago, they were that bright eyed, full of hope person. Fashion definitely changes you, and it makes you seem cruel on the outside, but it is because you are doing your job from the inside. You have to pour your everything into fashion, which might leave you with nothing at the end of the day.

So, for those who are trying to get into the fashion industry I advise you some things. This might sound like an elementary school speech, but it truly does work, treat others, as you would like to be treated. Karma will eventually come to those who do otherwise, but in the mean time, keep working hard and keep moving forward. 

As a colleague of mine once told me “ I have caught more bees with honey, then with SHIT.” So you tell me which method of approach is better.