10 Under $10


Ten beauty products under ten dollars that really do work. For those of you fashionistas on a budget this season, we have scouted the stores, and tested tons of products, so you don’t have to. So, here are the 10 products we are loving, under ten dollars.


1. EcoTools Bamboo Brush Set, $8 | The Social Culture team has been using these brushes for years. Not only are they cheap, organic and deliver color flawlessly, they are  gentle, and durable. 


2. L’Oreal’s Carbon Black Voluminous Mascara, $6 | Another go to item in our Social Culture Beauty Kits. This product is great because you can build with it. The more the merrier, and it doesn’t clump, flake or look cheap.

3.It’s an oldie, but a goodie. Dickinson’s Pore Perfecting Toner, $6. Large pores? Damaged pores? This 1866 product has been doing the job for over 100 years, why change now?


4.L’Oreal’s Eye Shadow Duo, $9. Not only is it a two for one, but this outstanding product deliver high density pigmented color. What more can we ask for in an eyeshadow?

5. Neutrogena’s Oil Free Cleansing Wipes, $8 at Target. For those who have oily skin, this is the perfect treatment after taking off your make up, or after the gym.


6.Rimmel’s Natural Bronzer, $6 is kind of perfect, this sleek matte bronzer delivers the most flawless look to the face. BONUS: use it everywhere. It is that good, and contours that well, and makes you have the perfect sun kissed look.

7.Revlon teamed up with Gucci Westman and the result was the Expressionist Collection. The lipstick line retails at $8 and worth every dollar. This silky lipstick is matte and gives solid color and full coverage. The matte almost stains the lip, letting you have lasting color all day.


Now, the next three products were under great debate. We wanted to cover everything a woman might need on a day to day basis. When reviewing these products, we weren’t looking for long lasting, we were looking for product results on a budget. So, unfortunately we aren’t going to be giving you a foundation, the closest one we could find on a budget was the L’Oreal True Match.


8. Eyeliner: for those of you who want liquid or pencil you were outdone by gel sticks, Maybelline New York Unstoppable for $6 does the job effortlessly. Physicians Formula $10, does the job even better and comes in beautiful colors. PF’s shimmer collection definitely gives you that metallic trend.


9. Celeb make up artist, Carol Shaw for Lorac takes the blush department, $10. These high quality, pigment driven shades deliver time and time again. We didn’t pick it because there is a fancy name attached, we picked it because it makes our cheeks rosy and gives a lifted look.


10. Now, if you are looking to experiment with color, ELF sold at Target offers 100 eyeshadows for 10 dollars. You really can’t beat that. The pigment may not be strong, so primer is definitely needed.