Michael Costello is a self taught prodigy who is most notably known for joining the cast of Project Runway Season 8 and All Stars Season 1. His recognition is commendable, being the only designer from Project Runway to be featured in Time magazine, while also lading recognition in the bigger glossies like Elle and Marie Claire. His work however isn’t limited to editorial features; his show stopping gowns have been spotted on the Red Carpet of the Emmy’s and the Oscars. His fashion brand The Costello fashion group continues to expand; Michael joined forces with Stephanie Costello to create MT COSTELLO, a line of chic edgy dresses that break the rules and raise the bar. 

The show commenced with the MT COSTELLO collection that introduced spectators to the fusion of personalities with a bright neon gown bursting forth onto the glowing white runway. The collection consisted of body hugging hourglass gowns in bold colors and dramatic designs. Plunging necklines, sheer panels and thigh high slits showed an unapologetic aesthetic that redefines luxury, while catering to his edgy clientele. Without a doubt MT COSTELLO is a complimentary yet different aesthetics to the previous lines seen from the traditional Michael Costello brand. 

After serving up a serious dose of edgy and provocative fashion, the lights dimmed and the signature Michael Costello logo appeared which made his original fan base cheer with excitement. The 25 look collection was filled with sophisticated silhouettes with exquisite detailing in metallic prints. While many were extraordinary examples of fine craftsmanship, other metallic designs appeared mundane. The Michael Costello collection is inspired by his travels. Traveling from city to city all around the world, Michael would look down through the windows of the planes and see these magical tracks of gold dust and burst of lights from the cities he would fly over. He loved the architectural structures mixed with organic silhouettes, it was then when he started sketching and upon landing he had created his new collection. Without a doubt, Michael Costello has set a new standard to LA fashion. 

Chandia Brennen, Womens Wear Editor