The Bomber Jacket

This fleece lined leather jacket was issued to flight personnel, the sage green color and Indian orange lining, also known as the bomber jacket. This up for flight garment has taken off to new heights and into our wardrobes and now that were into high fashion and about stepping out of the boundaries of fashion and setting new trends, some of the best trends are making their way back and might be here to stay for good. But back in the 1940’s  it wasn’t so much about how clothing fit it was more about how innovative they could be. Our troops didn’t care how something draped, they wanted to make sure there clothing wouldn’t blow up flying through the air.   These jets were able to reach heights that the pilots had never seen in their propeller planes, and with altitudes came new problems. Standard issue fleece-lined leather jackets were a problem, yet if these bulky jackets got wet the pilot would freeze to death up in the atmosphere; they needed a better, more aerodynamic flight jacket.  Years before World War II nylon was discovered but was only used for parachutes after the war the military ran with it. The finished product had a ribbed finish on the cuffs and a cropped body for a sleek fit that wouldn’t run a risk of catching the planes buttons or handles which became a practical jacket. Originated from the US Air force for over four decades of history. Most of the menswear was inspired by military garments and is one of the most iconic piece of clothing used in many films but when Top Gun hit theaters starring Tom Cruz. The movie hit box office gold as did the clothing featured in the iconic film “Iceman: You can be my wingman any time. Maverick: Bullshit! You can be mine” –(Top Gun) , it set off the trend for the bomber jacket as the military look with the cameo print and the forest green everyone wanted the solider look, it was a must have.


Now in the fashion world designers everywhere are playing with the look removing the nylon and adding leather and suede and removing some of the panels and adding fun patches and studs. Now you can find this amazing jacket in stores in many styles you can dress them up with fun jewelry or dress them down and wear it simple the possibilities are endless. It’s no question that the military look id here to stay these adorable bomber jackets have been seen everywhere from Jennifer Lawrence to Kyle Jenner pair it with a simple tee and skinny’s or dress it up with some heels, the higher the better, this trend is taking a fun edge to your everyday look and with winter around the corner this is a cute way to dress up your cold weather look, or gift as an amazing Christmas present. The bomber jacket has gone down in history as the innovative pilot jacket and will now be known as the jacket that made women’s outfits everywhere fierce.