Every season we are introduced to the newest trends in color, texture and style. While women everywhere take notice of runway trends for an idea of what to incorporate into their wardrobe for the upcoming season; most neglect an important element to their ensemble…shoes. Carrie Bradshaw taught women that a shoe has the ability to instantly transform a subpar ensemble. When the movie “Sex in The City” hit the theaters, shoe sales went through the roof, even during the recession. Now let’s be honest, despite the love affair that women have with the red bottoms of a Christian Louboutin or the luxurious chain design of Giuseppe Zinotti, most are unable to invest in the coveted designers. Just as our closets possess versatility, so should our shoes. Regardless of whether you select a high or low price point, there are six shoes styles that every woman should have in their closet. Now grab a pen and paper to create the ultimate shoe guide shopping list and the hottest trends for the summer!

Ballet Flats/ Loafers- Although most women treasure the confidence that high heels bring, they aren’t always practical for the busy woman on the go. Long commutes require something a little closer to the ground for stability and speed; however you don’t have to compromise style for comfort. Derived from the soft ballet slippers worn by statuesque ballerinas, ballet flats are thin closed toe shoes that adjust and mold around the natural shape of your foot. Ballet flats come in various colors and can be worn with almost anything (expect a business suit.) What goes well with a suit? Loafers! The staple shoe of lawyers and business women, loafers are a slip on shoe with a harder exterior that is both chic and professional. 


Fashion Fun Fact: Heels went out of fashion after Marie Antoinette walked to the guillotine in a pair of heels. Ballet flats took off again when Audrey Hepburn wore them with skinny jeans in Funny Face in 1957. 

Sandals- Aside from being a valid excuse to get a pedicure, sandals are an essential closet staple. Sandals are perfect for the warmer months and they come in a variety of styles. Whether you’re going on vacation and want to adorn your toes with eye-catching embellishments or a strappy stiletto sandal for date night, the options are endless! 

Fashion Fun Fact: Only wealthy Roman women of a high status would wear red dyed sandals. 


Statement Pumps- Debatably the most important shoe in your closet, the pump is the quintessential symbol of femininity. Pumps are undeniably the only shoe that can be worn with a business suit, tailored dress and even jeans. You also don’t have to tuck them away when the seasons change; in the summer pair your heels with shorts and in the winter with stockings. 

Fashion Tip: It’s ok to make the investment and splurge on a classic black pump that is timeless. Spend less on statement pumps in bold colors and textures that will only last a short time. 


Boot –Typically women in colder climates can feel discouraged to participate in trends due to the blistering cold, but edgy and sexy boots bring a certain charisma to outfits during the fall and winter seasons. We’ve also recently seen women embrace the rugged appeal of flat combat boots that are versatile during harsher weather conditions, but also uber cool with denim skirts and tank tops in Los Angeles. 

Wedges – The “cheat shoe” in your closet that provides both the appeal of a high heel and the comfort of a flat shoe. Wedge heels can be tricky because they have the ability to look heavy or chunky. Avoid wearing wedges with garments like pencil skirts, gowns or trousers. 

Designer Sneakers- For years women only wore sneakers to the gym, but now designers have redefined the look of sportswear. Women are being introduced to wedge and platform sneakers that are perfect for casual daywear or a movie night out with the girls.