Three accessories men should wear at all times according to CEASAR PEREZ.


The watch is one of the most important accessories to complete a man’s outfit.  The function can range from purely good looks or for actual telling of time. A watch should never be overlooked when putting together your outfit for the day/night.  It isn’t just to complete an outfit but it can tell you something about the person. A larger faced watch shows power, drive and ego. A smaller trendier faced watched shows style, fashion and edge. For men who change their watches like they change their shirts Regardless of beauty, fashion and technology a watch will always be practical.


“Unlike diamonds, watches were practical. They were for people on the run, people with appointments to keep and schedules to meet.” 

Jeannette Walls, The Glass Castle


The next accessory that every man should wear at all times is a belt. Again, the belt has a duel purpose: function and style. A belt originally documented for male clothing since the Middle Ages for decorative purposes, to show power or the family you came from. In the 1920’s belts become practical and utility belts for the military became popular. Belts then become practical for pants, and now belts are a standard in men’s fashion. The belt can add to an outfit, or for those who insist on buckle branding it can become the statement of your outfit. 


Functionality takes the last accessory: the wallet or money clip. I personally dislike it when I am at the bar and a man pulls out a wad of crumbled cash from his jeans. No one wants an unorganized man that can’t keep track of his money. Financially, everyone should be responsible.A wallet shouldn’t be a wow factor, it should be a subtle statement of responsibility. A simple wallet from MACYS will do fine, but if you are a label whore go with the most popular LV, CHANEL, or PRADA wallets.


A wallet shouldn’t be covered with labels, in fact they shouldn’t be noticeable. Pulling out a branded wallet is a red flag for men with money, and become a target for theft, and money hungry, bar sharks. The function of a wallet is to be organized and keep track of all your I.D.s, CCs and cash, not flash your income, or perceived value across the bar.


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