The Newcomers


Fashionista. Fashionisto. The Blogger. The Stylists. The PR B!tch.... Anna Wintour... All titles that are synonymous with running the world of fashion, but there is a new a comer to this coveted title: the trendy toddler. With pop culture enforcing the need for kids to grow up, the front rows of runway shows are not only being filled with newcomer 18 year olds, but babies. Children around the world are become fashion icons because of their parents. In 2011, 10-year-old Thylane Blondeau became an iconic point of controversy of French Vogue. And since then, children have becoming more and more recognized and respected in fashion. Kids now are being dressed in baby Dior, and designers are catering to this new booming industry. Even fragrances are becoming younger and younger: Miss Dior and Daisy by Marc Jacobs. Designer backpacks have hit the runways for junior high students, and high schoolers have seemlessly taken fashion to the next level, just by studying trends. With the world becoming more and more fashionable, and the demand for fashion greater than ever... Here are some of the children who are gracing the runways and becoming style icons.


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