Leading Ladies

Our newest cover girl Cheyenne. She isn't your typical model, and she isn't your typical pretty girl. As this hard working, go getter, type A personality stomps her stilletos up and down Los Angeles, the Inland Empire and San Diego people are starting to recognize her. From her original test shoot with SOCIAL CULTURE it took Cheyenne a year to land another test shoot with SOCIAL CULTURE. Shortly after that test shoot she was booked for a magazine spread, and now has become a cover girl.

She isn't your typical model. Her height isn't considered to be the standard for runway, but her personality makes up for it. This bubbly, high spirited optimist is always working hard and it is paying off. After being featured in a music video for La Verdad shot in Hollywood, and landing the ediotiral photo shoot for Lando Couture this girl is making a name for herself. 

As a mixed ethnicity, she still feels like she is categorized as black, and coming from the Inland Empire she feels like the word "ghetto" is always a preconcived notion when going on castings, or submitting her head shot. She tries to go against that stereotype by always dressing well, expanding her vocabulary, and most of all putting her best heel forward, and always making sure she dresses to the nine, "SOCIAL CULTURE embraces ethnicity and I feel like they truly do want to promote models of ethnicity. This is why I love working with them so much. If Alex (Director of Photography) says to hold something for an hour, and twist this way or that way, I do it because I know it will make the shot that much better"

Whether it is her journey to fame that we are obsessed over, or the fact she is genuinely a nice person- we are rooting for her all the way.

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 Images from the little black dress photo shoot and Cheyenne leaving her photo shoot, captured on accident.