Thoughts on Buttons...


To Button or Not To Button... that is the question

Ceasar Perez | E-Mail


We recently were asked if there were any rules about how high or low you should keep your shirt buttoned. Originally, our obvious answer was, “Whatever you are comfortable with.” After further research, and polls we have come to to the following conclusion:

For the more conservative man, 1 button. This may seem pretentious and put a lot of the weight around your neck. Make sure your under shirt is not seen. 

For the casual man it is 2 buttons. Two buttons gives of a relaxed cool feeling. It is also a way to dress down a suit, or hit happy hour after work.

For the men in fashion the rule is always 3 buttons. It may seem low but it puts an emphasis on your body and draws the attention from your eyes down your chest and so on. This seems to be the standard of the casual male in the know. If you have chest hair, show it. (Make sure it isn’t out of control!)

And finally, for those who are on the more editorial side of fashion, four buttons undone is pushing it. Placing the neckline of a shirt below the apex is always dangerous for both me and women. This can lead to a “wardrobe malfunction” at any given time, but it is a way of taking an oxford or a button up to a more daring sex appeal. 

Model Shawn wearing a button up from the GAP.

Styled by Ceasar Perez.