Classics and Couture

Paris, the home of couture. There is nothing more fashionable, nothing more inspiring, and nothing more beautiful than the world of couture. This Fall we are celebrating couture in black and white, a tribute to classic fashion and the whimsical world that so few actually get to experience. This was Lauren's first photo shoot, and to top it off it was in couture. It was like watching a kid in a candy shop. Her bright blue eyes were wide eyed and she was in heaven. There is nothing like putting something on that was custom created for you. It makes you feel special, unique and it boosts the self esteem. So, in this spread we get to see Lauren having fun in couture, capturing that old Hollywood glamour... When everything truly was more glamorous. 

There is something mysterious about couture. There is always a story that is deep within the creators mind, and very rarely is it exposed to the public. With that being said, that is part of the allure of couture: to inspire other designers.