The 70's

The 70's, liberation. Women's liberation. From over-sized shirts, ties and hats, to trousers, day dresses, the mini skirt, and the hippie vibe. We are seeing it all over again in fashion. The 70's gender bent all the rules in fashion, and today we are seeing it happen in the younger generation. Every so often trends recycle, and like the cliche goes: History always repeats itself. This is even true in fashion. As the 70's hippie, disco, and late 60's mode scene are flooding the floors teenagers are grabbing the merchandise as fast as possible, the problem? They don't know where these trends stem from. Their parents probably laugh, thinking, "God that is coming back?" Kids who do love fashion, aren't taking the time to understand fashion leaving a huge disconnect in styling, expression and photography. Instagram is making fashion a huge deal, and so is twitter. With kids living in technology you would think they would have the common sense to at least google fashion trends and where they come from.