ince the beginning of time it seems that the battle of the sexes has existed. Part of the battle is the power struggle. But who in the fashion world actually holds the power? Everyone would instantly to go to Vogue’s standing and authoritative Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour. Her reputation as fashion’s dictator has been publicized, has been turned into a movie and most of all has been immortalized through the pages of Vogue. There is no doubt that the standing Editor’s in fashion are all women, but ironically the couturiers that they have chosen to support are all men. In the 90’s models were the muses of designers, and in the 90’s emerging powerhouses where discovered including John Galliano. Now we are in the 2010’s and designers are scrambling to survive, Vogue’s reputation is weakening to the economy and the dying art of print publishing, and now the digital age is being ushered in. So, who is going to make it to the top of this new cyber space fashion industry?


It seems that women are now one up on men in fashion. Such women in the world of fashion are making their mark on large design houses. Burberry’s, for example, expansion was powered by Rose Marie Bravo and now the CEO to Burberry is Angela Ahrendts. These women have become silent and deadly forces in fashion, as most of the credit goes to the male team for designers, it seems women seem to be in control of the rest. Women like Delphine Arnault (LVMH), Aerin Lauder (Estée Lauder), The Olsen Sisters, Sarah Jessica Parker (Halston International) and Tamara Mellon (co-founder of Jimmy Choo). These are not including the rise of the Fashion PR Women. It seems that fashion can not survive without a PR woman and these women definitely know what they are doing: Mona Sharf (Theory, Theyskens’ Theory, and Helmut Lang), Jennifer Meyer (alice olivia), Julia Wideman and Beatriz Cardenas (Bumble and Bumble), and Carrie Byalick (ID) just to name a few. Then of course the extensive list of ready to wear designers who have made quite a name for themselves like Donna Karan, Carolina Herrera,Victoria Beckham, Vera Wang, and Tory Burch.




As men are still dominating the world of couture, it seems that without these powerful, empowered women representing them, financing them, placing them in their magazines these men would not have jobs. So, as women begin to conquer the industry in which criticizes their gender the most, we hope to see a change.