Living in Fashion


Fashion, we live in it every day but sometimes we forget about it. Some of us use the excuse that we don’t have time to go shopping, and some of us are insecure about our body types. Some of us say that as women there is too much pressure, and some women say that becoming a mom changes everything. Our generation has come to a healthy mid ground between the feminist movement in the 90’s and the ideal family of the 50’s. It has taken us a decade to discover how fashion and our lifestyle choices can have a symbiotic relationship. We know that the economy is tough and fashion is associated with luxury. What actually defines luxury? Luxury is something that you can’t buy. It is an attitude and a lifestyle, a sensuality and an extravagance of fantasy. Fashion, whether it is from Target or Lanvin, is the essence of luxury. So how does a young twenty something mom go about about obtaining fashion and the lifestyle of being a mom? 


For some people time is the factor. A full face of make up for an everyday look isn’t necessary so by getting a tinted moisturizer, a good mineral powder (or two for highlights and contrast), and a good mascara can go a long way. As for dressing yourself, only buying essential timeless pieces will make dressing easier, more convenient and will make your look effortless. These pieces can can range from silky blouses with an added something special, or a good cardigan, pants that fit correctly and are hemmed to the perfect length, to a great pair of ballet flats. There are tons of options out there to make your closet accessible to your lifestyle. 


Understanding that all body types are different buying garments that fit properly is the most important thing about fashion. Fit is everything. Something like a thrift store dress that is 10 dollars, but fits perfectly will look more expensive than an ill fitted Donna Karan. For questions about fitting or personal style feel free to ask for advice on our insiders page.